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Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) Research at Ukulima Farm: The Impact of Legumes on Soil Biology

Ukulima Farm is part of a new strategic partnership between the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the Borlaug to promote African agricultural research, extension, and education. This Dispatch is the first in a series aimed at informing the public about the research being conducted by the research organizations currently working at the center. Read More →

Press Release: Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Borlaug Institute Enter Strategic Partnership at Ukulima Farm

JOHANNESBURG, 17 January 2012 – The Howard G. Buffett Foundation (HGBF) today announced a partnership with the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture of the Texas A&M University System to promote African agricultural research, extension, and education. The partnership will be based at the Ukulima Farm Research Center in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. It will support science that increases African agricultural production, enhances rural livelihoods and conserves natural resources. “Our goal was to create a real-world field space at a sufficient scale where scientists and farmers… Read More →