Ukulima Farm Research Center

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has entered a strategic partnership with the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture of the Texas A&M University System to promote African agricultural research, extension, and education at the Ukulima Farm Research Station in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Its mission is to support science to increase African agricultural production, enhance rural livelihoods, and conserve natural resources. Sam Shoaf, Purdue University student interning with Penn State University

New models are required to address the diverse needs of agriculture in Africa. The persistence of hunger and poverty throughout the continent belies the credibility of globalization and technological advancement. With all the science and potential, hunger still is endemic across the African continent. Innovation, entrepreneurial thought, and cooperation are needed to fight hunger and poverty. Collaborative partnerships are required that bring together researchers across disciplines, farmers, and policy makers from Africa and the world.

Ukulima Farm was created by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation as a platform for organizations and researchers to develop technology and practices to advance African agriculture. The Ukulima concept is grounded in the principle that technology must be developed and tested in Africa in order for researchers to adequately address the many issues facing African agriculture. This unique platform provides an alternative to current systems of international agriculture research and provides for collaboration between scientists and a synergy of ideas. It promotes an integrated model of research, teaching, and extension for African agriculture.

Current partners of the Borlaug Institute and the Buffett Foundation at Ukulima include the International Center for Wheat and Maize Improvement (CIMMYT), Pennsylvania State University, University of Missouri, and Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO).

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4 Responses to Ukulima Farm: Former AgriLife Extension Agent Takes on New Role in South Africa

  1. dave wilson says:

    I am leaving the USA March 28th or my 5th trip to Malawi working with small landowner farmers.. I would like to visit the research farm to see what new techniques I might be able to take to Malawi from your farm. Please e-mail me if this can be arranged on my way in (Mar 28 or on the way home (April 16)
    dave Wilson
    phone 443-235-8514 (Maryland)

  2. I would like to explore possibilities of working with Ukulima. Our organisation is privately owned – South African and working with rural land owners to develop agricultural businesses and Food Security Programs. My contact details are 073 181 2850

  3. Thank you for your comment, Dr. du Preez! You are most welcome at Ukulima. You can contact Ukulima Farm’s Resident Director, Dr. James Muir, at and schedule a time to visit.

  4. Dr Ebem du Preez says:

    I have previously been involved in community deve,opmebt while at the former veterinary faculty of Medunsa. Lately I am in a partnership as feedlot cosultant but also involved in herd health programs for private cattle owners. Your projects are interesting and so wellcome in South Africa. I would like to visit at some convenient time for you and would like to contribute if I can. Regrds.

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