Rwanda SPREAD Project: Sustaining Partnerships to Enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development

SPREAD: Sustaining Partnerships to enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development

Years of Operation 2006-2012
Countries Rwanda
Sponsors U.S. Agency for International Development
Partners Rwandan National Development Board, National University of Rwanda, Radio Lifeline, Population Media Center, Ritchey Design Inc.
Funding amount $5,141,329
Notable Outcomes Sponsored first Cup of Excellence®  competition in Africa

Made possible through a cooperative agreement with USAID/Rwanda. Partnership with Michigan State University and National University of Rwanda.

Before 2001 there was nothing in Butare, Rwanda, but chaos and devastation left by the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Farmer holding handful of cherriesNow there is a thriving coffee industry as a result of the innovative USAID program Partnership for enhancing Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages (PEARL I & II), guided by Texas A&M University and Michigan State University. The next phase, SPREAD, began in 2006 and continued the success of the program by expanding throughout Rwanda.

The village of Butare now has a coffee-processing station, two restaurants, a pharmacy, a bank, six hair salons, and the village’s first internet cafe. Growers have gained direct access to lucrative new markets and introduced international quality standards. The result is the rebirth of the coffee industry and a doubling of income for 40,000 Rwandan coffee farmers.

SPREAD helped tens of thousands of Rwandans increase their incomes and improve their overall standard of living through “value chain” development.Red Coffee GroundsKey SPREAD program components included off-farm development, capacity building in management, quality improvement and control, product marketing, coffee quality research and development, educational outreach, access to credit, and health and HIV/AIDS awareness.

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