Graduate Certificate in International Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

What’s It About?

Grand-Open-5-rev-bThe IARM Certificate Program is a transcripted certificate program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Its purpose is to build the experience and knowledge of graduate students seeking careers in international agriculture in one of 5 focus areas. IARM program participants must successfully complete the following:

  •  12 credit hours from one focus area, with no more than 9 hours in one major
  • A 3 credit hour capstone course—AGEC 689: International Agricultural Development Policy
  • Seminar
    • Either ALEC 681— Global Section, a 1-hour, internationally-focused seminar course, or
    • Attend 8 Borlaug Institute Seminars
  • Total: 15-16 credit hours

There are 5 focus areas for the certificate and each has a list of courses to choose from.  Each course has an international perspective for more than 50% of its subject matter, is open to nonmajors and have few, if any, prerequisiites.

The focus areas are:

  • Human Capacity Development for International Agriculture, Development and Natural Resource Management
  • Agricultural and Natural Resource Economic Trade and Policy
  • Food Systems
  • Natural Resources
  • Agricultural and Natural Resource Development

For more information download the IARM Final Brochure or contact:

Cathryn Clement, Program Coordinator
Tel. 979-458-0820

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