International Agriculture and Resource Management Graduate Certificate Program

Certificate program for students at Texas A&M University that allows a concentrated focus on issues facing international agriculture today.

The Certificate demonstrates that a student has emphasized international agriculture and resource management in their graduate program. The Certificate Program:

  • Prepares students for an international career in agriculture, life sciences and natural resources
  • Provides opportunities to interact with internationally-focused faculty and students
  • Increases cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Offers a broader understanding of world food and fiber systems and sustainable development

Download the application for the International Agriculture and Resource Management Certificate Program and submitted to Cathryn Clement in the Borlaug Institute.

Students select core courses in consultation with their emphasis area which should be primarily international in application and should help them to understand better the processes and contexts in which agricultural and natural resources systems function.  Students may choose to take courses in or related to their major field to complement and to strengthen their preparation for working in the international arena. Though not required for the International Agriculture and Resource Management Certificate, students may consider taking language courses as electives. A list of core course options is below.

Professional International Internship By Dept
Directed Studies in Int’l Agriculture & Resource Mgmt RLEM 350
Agricultural Development
The Agricultural Adviser in Developing Nations ALEC 644
Agricultural Policy AGEC 614
Agricultural Origins & Dispersals GEOG 606
Development Planning in Third World Countries PLAN 623
Field Studies in Agricultural Development ALEC 689
Initiating, Managing & Monitoring Projects of Int’l Ag Dev ALEC 645
Institutions Serving Agriculture in Developing Nations ALEC 646
International Agronomic Development AGRO 608
Agronomy & Horticulture
Citrus & Subtropical Fruits HORT 422
Tropical Horticulture HORT 423
Tropical Soils & Cropping Systems AGRO 410
Anthropology & Rural Sociology
Agrarian Peasant Societies ANTH 414
Applied Anthropology ANTH 614
Women & Culture ANTH 404
Economics & Trade
International Agricultural Economics AGEC 652
International Management MGMT 678
Natural Resource Economics AGEC 604
Economics of Underdeveloped Agricultural Areas AGEC 633
Ecology & Natural Resources
Integrated Farming Systems AGRO 640
Nutrient Cycling: Global & Economic Perspectives RLEM 622
The Tropical World GEOG 399
Adv Principles of Agro-ecosystems Mgmt with Emphasis on Insects & Mites ENTO 623
Range and Forest Watershed Management RLEM 603
Agricultural Extension Organization and Methods ALEC 441
Society & Education in World Perspective EDCI 645
Food Science & Nutrition
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Systems FSCT/ANSC 657
Recreation, Parks & Tourism
International Park & Tourism Attraction RPTS 350
Technology Transfer
Methods of Technological Change ALEC 640
Transfer of Technology by Institutions ALEC 641

Students are encouraged to direct their subsequent thesis and dissertation research towards issues of international agriculture and resource management.
Students are also encouraged to take complementary courses, which are offered in departments outside the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Agronomy & Horticulture
Forage Crops Management AGRO 612
Principles & Practices of Horticulture HORT 621
Sustainable Agriculture RENR 400
Anthropology & Rural Sociology
Cultural Geography GEOG 311
ESL for International & Intercultural Settings EDCI 614
Interpretation of Cultural Landscapes GEOG 402
Anthropology of Food & Nutrition PHIL 665
Cultures of Africa ANTH 315
Theories of Race & Ethnic Group Relations SOCI 660
Computer Science
Computer Applications in Agriculture AGLS 201
Economics & Trade
Natural Resource Economics AGEC 604
Multinational Marketing Management MKTG 677
Global Marketing MKTG 401
International Strategy MGMT 671
International Management IBUS/MGMT 678
International Business Policy Management MKTG 679
Ecology & Natural Resources
Human Dimensions of Wildlife & Fisheries Management WFSC 640
Landscape Ecology ENTO 625
Environmental Law & Policy RENR 662
Statistical Modeling & Simulation of Biological Systems AGEN 662
Remote Sensing for Wildlife Resource Management AGEN 662
Food Science & Nutrition
Global Dimensions of Human Malnutrition NUTR 421
Nutrition of Horticultural Plants HORT 601
Intercultural Communication SCOM 335
Languages and Culture LING 307
Livestock & Poultry
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering AGEN 468
Beef Cattle Management ANSC 608
Grazing Management & Range Nutrition RLEM 604
Issues in Animal Agriculture ANSC 650
Poultry Processing & Distribution Technology FSTC 611
Sheep and Goat Production & Management ANSC 414
Technology of Meat Processing & Distribution FSTC 647
Agricultural Meteorology METR 666
Climate Change METR 629
Global Climatic Regions METR 324
Tropical Meteorology METR 656
Pest Management
Advanced Plant Pathology I PLPA 611
Diseases of Field Crops PLPA 623
Host Plant Resistance PLPA 623
Principles of Biological Control ENTO 608
Economic Entomology ENTO 401
Medical & Veterinary Entomology ENTO 618
Acarology ENTO 617
Insect Toxicology ENTO 619
Philosophy & Ethics
Agricultural Ethics PHIL 316
Soils & Water
Forest & Range Soils RENR 651
Irrigation Principles & Management AGSM 435
Water & Soil Management AGSM 468
Technology Transfer
Philosophy of Technology PHIL 665
International Development Planning LDEV 676
International Development Perspectives PLAN 682
Development Planning in Third World Countries PLAN 682

For more information, contact:
Cathryn Clement
Academic Coordinator / Lecturer
(979) 458-0820

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