Administration of the Borlaug Institute

Office of the Director

Elsa Murano Dr. Elsa Murano Interim Director 979-845-4164
IMG_7455 Kasey Verboom Assistant to the Director 979-845-4164
Gabriel Saldana Gabriel Saldaña Communication Manager 979-458-4966

Program Implementation

Linda Cleboski Dr. Linda Cleboski Associate Director 979-845-0706
Maad Rawendoozi Dr. Maad Rawendoozi Assistant Research Scientist 979-458-1168
Tim davis Dr. Tim Davis Regional Director | Asia 979-847-5887
Roger Norton Dr. Roger Norton Regional Director | Latin America & The Caribbean 979-458-1129
 Gary Mullins Dr. Gary Mullins  Regional Director | Sub-Saharan Africa 979-845-4164
Steve Whisenant Dr. Steve Whisenant  Regional Director | North Africa & the Middle East
Carmen Byce Carmen Byce Program Coordinator | Asia 979-458-8557
Tara Wood2 Dr. Tara Wood Program Coordinator Sub-Saharan Africa
Victor Taleon Victor Taleon Program Coordinator 979-845-4164

International Training

Mike McWhorter Dr. Mike McWhorter Associate Director & International Training Coordinator 979-845-7697
Thomas Hall 2 Thomas Hall Assistant Director 979-862-1950
Eric Brenner Eric Brenner Program Coordinator 979-458-9978

Program Development 

Keith Cole Keith Cole Associate Director 979-845-8713
Ashley Heron  Ashley Herron Program Coordinator Program Development

External Relations

julie borlaug Julie Borlaug Associate Director 979-845-7683
Eric Bost U.S. Amb. Eric Bost Assistant Director 979-458-3406


Francine Carrera Francine Carrera Associate Director 979-458-1186
  Rhonda D’agostino Administrative Services Officer 979-845-3763
Sheila Noble Sheila Noble Manager 979-845-8230
tanya mondok Tanya Gamez, J.D. Business Coordinator II 979-847-6166
Dana Lewis Dana Lewis Program Coordinator 979-845-5883
Nancy Patrenella Nancy Patrenella Business Coordinator I 979-862-7723
 Natalie Hering Natalie Hering  Business Coordinator I  979-458-1142
Lauren seifert Lauren Seifert Business Coordinator I 979-845-4161
beverly cook Beverly Cook Program Manager 979-458-5576
Beth Anne Klein Beth Anne Klein Lead Office Associate 979-845-4164

World Coffee Research

Tim Schilling Dr. Tim Schilling Executive Director 979-845-4164
Leo Lombardini Leo Lombardini Deputy Executive Director 979-845-4164
Najat Marden Najat Marden Financial Assistant 979-458-5579
Norman Borlaug in the field.Photo credit: CIMMYT. Jennifer Rumford Communcation Coordinator 979-458-5536

Student Staff

 Taylor Whittlesey Taylor Whittlesey Communication

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