Farmers Fight! Students at Texas A&M Stand Up for Agriculture

Today, across the Texas A&M University campus, students in a variety of agriculture-related organizations will “stand up” for agriculture. The Farmers Fight Agvocacy Day is a new advocacy movement dedicated to promoting agricultural awareness to the students of Texas A&M University. Through educational events and media publicity, this movement works to promote a positive, educated understanding of American agriculture so that people may better understand just how vital it is to our nation, economy and way of life.

Jasmine Dillon, a graduate student in Animal Breeding in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, said that students will be dispersed throughout campus handing out information, mostly concentrated in main campus around Sbisa and the Academic Plaza.

To learn more about Farmers Fight, follow their blogFacebook, and Twitter, or email Jasmine directly at

Watch this incredibly powerful video and let Jasmine herself explain just what this campaign is all about. Brace yourself… this will blow you away.

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  1. Larry C. Gill says:

    Very well done young Lady!!

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